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Labour ready

Updated: Nov 1, 2017

What is Reflexology? I get asked this question on a daily basis, so today I thought I would share some information on what Reflexology is and how it can help to get you ready for labour.

Reflexology is an ancient practise believed to have originated in China some 5000 years ago, but was only introduced in the UK in the 1960's. Reflexology in a nutshell is the application of pressure using the thumb and fingers to the different reflex points of the hands and feet which connect to different parts of the body. There are many different beliefs as to how or why Reflexology works, many believe it is due to the nerve endings, other see it more on an energetic level, believing that it works by unblocking energy blockages within the body, however one universal belief is that Reflexology triggers within you your bodies own capability to heal. Our bodies are incredible things, and there is so much we are yet to understand about their intricate workings, the power the body has to heal its self is far greater than any of us understands.

The NHS has carried out clinical trials on Reflexology and as a result Reflexology is now one of only 2 complimentary therapies to be recognised and supported by our health care service (the other by the way is acupuncture).

“Reflexology is a simple, non-invasive, harmless and natural way to achieve optimum health. Pressure is applied through the thumbs and fingers to reflex points which are located on all parts of the hands and feet. By applying pressure on these points, all the organs, glands and structures of the body can be stimulated and encouraged to heal.”

How can Reflexology help me to get labour ready?

Once you have reached your due date this wonderfully relaxing and soothing treatment can help encourage labour to start naturally, instead of being induced, where studies have shown that induced labours can increase the chances of more medical intervention such as caesarean section.

During the sessions I will work the reflex points connected to Pituitary gland, the part of the brain which releases Oxytocin , this lovely little hormone trigger feelings of love within us, but is also the hormone which is responsible for helping to get the uterus contracting. From here I will go on to give the uterus reflex point a lot of attention so that it responds to the increase of Oxytocin.

These sessions will leave you feeling relaxed and nurtured, imagine that feeling you get after a great nights sleep (something which has probably eluded you over your last trimester), this is how many of my clients often describe how they feel after a treatment; relaxed, refreshed with a peaceful mind.

For optimum results I suggest 1-3 treatments around your due date.

Once your little one arrives postnatal reflexology is hugely beneficial. Reflexology can help to increase breast milk production, rebalance hormones and boost the immune system following a pregnancy and birth. Not to mention the healthy intention of taking an hour to indulge in some deep relaxation. Mothers are of course welcome to come lone or bring their babies with them so that they can enjoy cuddles whilst relaxing, and I'm always happy to discuss baby reflex points with you so that you can try out a few soothing techniques on your new born.

If your interested in finding out more or booking a session with me head on over to my contact page and send me a message. x

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