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Goal Writing

This beaut of a notebook is my new Goals book. 

goal writing at beach
Beach daydreaming at Talland Bay, Cornwall

Goal planning is such an important part of manifestation and creating the life you want to live. 

Surely it’s better to plan how you want your year to go and then actively work towards that then to float through the year with a lack of direction and a mild feeling that your not really living your best life. 

Denise Duffield-Thomas quoted: ‘what’s the difference between a millionaire and a billionaire? A billionaire writes down their goals twice a day’ 

Goal writing is great for giving you clarity, so many people feel dissatisfied with elements of their life but don’t even know what would make it better. Taking time to sit down and write out goals really helps to clear your mind and gain some clarification on what it is you really want. The more often you write down your goals (I recommend daily) the more the list will evolve until you are left with a list which truly reflects what your soul is pulling you towards.

Writing out goals helps to keep them fresh in your mind, it programmes your mind to look for opportunities that align with your aim. Like when your dreaming of being pregnant and see pregnant ladies everywhere, or obsessing over a new car and then notice people driving that car all the time. Have more people brought that car? Are more people pregnant? Nope, its just your brain focusing in on what YOUR focusing on. It’s your mind guiding you to what you want. So goal writing really helps to get your brain on the right track. 

It’s also a really powerful manifestation tool. Writing it down and believing it’s going to happen let’s the Universe know what you want and that your serious about it, so that which is on the same energetic level can connect with you. You need to open yourself up to it. Write it down. Declare it. Believe it. Take action. And trust it’s on it's way. 

Write it down. Declare it. Believe it. Take action. And trust it's on it's way.

How can you live your dream life if you don’t even know what that looks like or consists of? 

Like the song goes… you gotta have a dream, if you don’t have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true…

A dream put into words is a goal. A goal with action and belief becomes a reality.

Do you know what your goals and dreams are?

How to begin a goal list

When I first popped a pic on my Instagram and facebook account of my new pretty goal list notebook one of my lovely followers commented saying “I have a notebook and pen but don’t even know where to begin!”

So I thought I would walk you through my process on how I gained clarity, sifted through the thousands of thoughts and ideas going through my mind and got to the heart of what I really wanted.

Having a notebook and pen is a great starting point!

Goal writing books

I would suggest sitting yourself down with a cup of tea, somewhere peaceful where you are least likely to be disturbed! Get yourself comfortable (but don’t lay down, otherwise you might fall asleep, and unless your first goal is to get more sleep, its probably not a great idea)

Close your eyes for a few minutes and concentrate on your breathing, slowing it down slightly, taking long, theauraputic breaths, notice how calming and nourishing this feels. Each breath helping to relax your body and mind a little more. Returning to your normal breath, just noticing its gentle rhythm.

This will help to get you into a peaceful, connected state. Start to think about last year, what you enjoyed, what you didn't. What were your highs and what were your lows. What made your heart sing and what made it break. What literally fills your soul alight so that you just want to jump out of bed in the morning. Use that as a starting block for how you might like this year to look.

Perhaps 2018 sucked somewhat for you, or perhaps it floated past just like the past 5 years, nothing outstanding, nothing out of the ordinary, somewhat mundane even. Or perhaps 2018 was THE best year EVER and you want to maintain and build on that joy.

Now is the time to take control and make sure that 2019 is a truly memorable year (for all the right reasons).

Your goal list can contain literally anything that you feel would make your best year yet. Dream big girl! But not everything needs to be a skyscraper of a goal, even just those little achievements and wants can have a massive impact, and once you start ticking those little goals off your list you will gain momentum and feel unstoppable.

If it helps, start small. What little goals do you want to achieve? It could be to paint the bathroom, drink more water, walk the dog more often, sort through the junk draw or organise your emails (seriously, unsubscribing from all those emails that clog up your inbox is seriously satisfying and feels like a massive win!)

Start small. What little goals do you want to achieve?

Then start thinking about those bigger goals. It could be a financial goal you want to hit, a trip you want to take, loosing weight, living more simply, buying a house, decluttering toxic relationships, finding love or being a better parent (heads up for that one, we all think that way and the fact it could make it onto your goal list shows what an epic parent you probably already are!)

Some of the things on my 2019 list include: loosing 14lbs, drinking more water, cutting down on my diary intake, buying our own house, practising more self-care (read my blog post on ritual baths), increasing my client list and writing more (nailing that one right now!)

Once you have your list together take a moment to read through it. Is there any actions you can take right now to help towards any of these goals?

As I said before, the difference between millionaires and billionaire is a billionaire writes out their goals twice a day. A daily practise of writing out your goals IS going to make them more achieveable and help you on the way to fabulous 2019.

Happy New Year everyone!

Love and Light

Lisa x

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